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Red Teaming

Red teaming, also known as Advanced Persistent Threat Simulation or Adversary Attack Simulation, is an activity that emulates real hackers attempting to gain access to your information system in order to achieve a specific goal. 

Real adversaries will not attempt to gain access to a system unless they know what they're after. Outside of it being risky, it would be a waste of a hacker's time to attempt to gain access to a system, hoping for something juicy and valuable to show up. Our red-teaming simulation first defines the most valuable asset to an organization and then by all means possible, attempts to gain access to or compromise the security of those assets.

Red teaming is an effective way for an organization to protect against hackers targeting a valuable asset. Similar to a real hacker, red teaming has no attack scope. We attempt to get in by all means possible and for as long as we need to. The results of red teaming allow organizations to remediate findings and prevent actual attacks.

If you are looking for red-teaming services, our team of certified ethical hackers, OSCPs, and C|PENT professionals can help.


Our Process



We plan and scope. First, we inventory assets and determine their value to the organization. We then rank those assets by what is most valuable and choose one or multiple assets as a goal to compromise. Remember, an adversary is not interested in low-value assets. They are after assets that are of high value. 



This is the reconnaissance, enumeration, vulnerability identification, and exploitation phase. Depending on the goal, we attempt to install controlled malware, analyze packets, escalate privileges, exfiltrate data, move laterally, vertically, or pivot to different networks to achieve our goal. We perform all attacks necessary (with written permission), including social engineering.



Here we report on our activities, our approach, and our findings. We provide recommendations on remediation and detail correction actions. Organizations may utilize this report to implement additional controls to address the findings and prevent actual attacks. 


Our company specializes in cybersecurity. Put your trust in us to conduct red teaming.

Red Teaming Benefits


Emulate real hackers and adversaries


Protect against APT


No attack scope. Achieve goal by all means possible


Improve security defense


Evaluate blue team controls


Identify vulnerabilities pen tests were not able to


Ready to partner with us for your red teaming needs?


Ready for help?

BitSpartan Red Teaming are all conducted by elite ethical hackers who have undergone the most rigorous training available. All of our ethical hackers hold industry-recognized certifications such as LPT, CPENT, OSCP, GPEN, or CEH Master. All of our ethical hackers deployed in any engagement have demonstrated advanced reconnaissance and foot printing techniques, pivoting, double pivoting, tunneling, networking knowledge, advanced scanning techniques, firewall bypassing techniques, evading IDS/IPS, scripting, target database construction, and manual and automated exploitation methods.

Whether you need red teaming done for compliance, contractual, remediation, or hygienic reasons, we can help.

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