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Awareness Training

Security awareness training (SAT) plays a pivotal role in reducing an organization's cybersecurity risk. Most cybersecurity incidents are a result of social engineering attacks and human errors stemming from a lack of training. A security awareness training program is a continuous educational activity meant to facilitate training, promote awareness and help employees understand their role in preventing security incidents and data breaches. 

However, not every organization has the resources necessary to implement a training program, and some prefer to partner with a cybersecurity firm to fully implement and operationalize the program. This is where we come in. BitSpartan Security helps organizations build a comprehensive security awareness training program by implementing a training platform that delivers automated phishing campaigns, courses, videos, games, scenarios, quizzes, annual training, compliance training, and more. Through a centralized console, senior managers may review the overall performance of the program to evaluate maturity and identify areas that need additional training.


Security Awareness Training Benefits

The most effective method of preventing security incidents and data breaches is to provide adequate training and resources to employees. Organizations should promote ongoing security training and foster an environment of awareness and transparency. Implementing programs and training strategies that are simple to digest, enjoyable, educational, and applicable in and out of the workplace significantly increases employee engagement.


Prevent data breach and reduce business risk


Help build a positive security culture


Support and educate employees


Help meet regulatory compliance


Show commitment and due diligence to stakeholders


Provide confidence to stakeholders


Our company specializes in cybersecurity. Put your trust in us to bring in a SAT Platform.

Main Components

Here are the main components of a security awareness training program. We have experience with multiple platforms and, like everything else, the training platform is not a one-size-fits-all. Understanding the goals of the organization and the expectations of the training plays a key role in implementing a successful SAT program. Although not all training platforms are the same, they do, however, share similar processes and goals.



Fun educational content and materials that include videos, animations, games, quizzes, and represent real-world scenarios. No one wants to read a 20-pager about MFA, not even security folks, so the program has to be persuasive and enticing. Using automation, training material and strategy should be delivered on a scheduled basis. Goals should be defined and tracked using directory service syncing with automated reminders to complete training.



Now that training has been provided, you can evaluate the effectiveness of the training by simulating a customized phishing attack. Phishing simulations should be automated and scheduled periodically. In an automated manner, the platform should be able to notify trainees that were phished and provide additional training in areas where trainees were most susceptible. The platform or method executing the simulation should be able to track, monitor, collect, and tie activities back to a trainee for reporting and analytics. 



The reporting and analytic piece of the platform is a key component for senior managers to have. The reporting component aggregates all the training and testing activities together to make sense of progress, the effectiveness of the training program, and areas that need improvement. The reporting aspect can also be used to demonstrate compliance and prove that an organization's security awareness is improving overall or approaching a defined target.

Ready to get started with your awareness training program?


Ready for help?

We can't wait to help your organization bring in a cybersecurity program everyone will enjoy. Our certified security professionals have years of experience implementing security projects and enhancing existing programs to meet the demands of a constantly changing landscape.


We understand the most effective method of preventing security incidents and data breaches is to provide adequate training and resources to employees. We understand that implementing programs and training strategies that are easily digestible, enjoyable, educational, and applicable in and out of the workplace significantly increases employee engagement, thereby lowering an organization's overall cybersecurity risk. We will be excited to be part of your next cybersecurity project.

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