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Find your vulnerabilities before the hackers do. The first step to determine if a weakness can be exploited is to perform a vulnerability assessment. Some organizations may not need a full-on penetration test right away but would like to understand what type of weakness or vulnerability exists within their system, server or application.

​BitSpartan Security helps organizations manage and better understand their information system vulnerabilities by performing a human-run vulnerability assessment on a target system or application and reporting on those vulnerabilities. The report details the severity level of the vulnerabilities and ranks them appropriately. It also details possible exploit methods and recommendations for remediating the vulnerability.

Management may use this data to obtain a holistic view of their vulnerabilities and to prioritize remediation efforts.


Why conduct a Vulnerability Assessment?


Understand vulnerabilities that exist with an application or system


Find vulnerabilities before hackers do


Stakeholders may require it as part of contract or new requirement


Meet legal and regulatory requirements


Demonstrate due diligence to stakeholders


Prevent data breach and security incidents


Prioritize on what vulnerabilities to fix first


Reduce time and cost for future assessments and pen testing


Go beyond scanning. Human-run vulnerability assessments performed by Certified Ethical Hackers.

Our Process

If you don't know what's vulnerable, you won't know what to fix. Our vulnerability assessment goes beyond simple automated scanning and report generation. We provide you with the information you need to prioritize your remediation efforts based on professional analysis. Our vulnerability assessment is a human-run assessment where a certified ethical hacker manages the engagement from start to finish. Every step in the process we show below requires an expert to manually review, inspect, analyze, determine the possibility of exploitation, and make sense of the vulnerabilities and how they can impact your information system and your business. Here is our process:


Planning and Scoping

Understand the business objective, scope the assessment, and understand the goal or expectation of the assessment.



Once a comprehensive analysis has been conducted, we provide recommendations on how to remediate the vulnerabilities. A report is provided.



Using automated and manual tools, we carefully scan the target system in scope. 



Using our report, organizations can now prioritize remediation efforts for the discovered vulnerabilities, especially the critical ones.



We perform comprehensive analysis on the vulnerabilities found. Here we review severity levels, exploitation methods, and rank vulnerabilities based on our analysis.


Stay Clean

New vulnerabilities are discovered every day. Hygienic-wise, we recommend monthly scanning of the target in scope and a full comprehensive assessment annually.

When to conduct Vulnerability Assesment



Due diligence and keeping your environment clean



Part of contract signing or new requirements



When there are changes in the system, typically large changes


Emerging Threat

When a new threat has been discovered and can potentially impact your system


You can't fix what you don't know is broken. Our vulnerability assessments provide you with the data you need to prioritize your remediation efforts.

Scanning Type


Internal Network

Public Applications and the Cloud


External Network




Web Application

Specific servers, hosts, endpoints, databases, systems.


Ready for help?

We know what you're looking for and we know how to get you there. That's because, from a business perspective, we understand where you need to be. The majority of BitSpartan consultants transitioned from technical IT roles to management, where they provided governance, risk, and compliance expertise to top organizations in the private and public sector. In the field, all consultants are either CISA, CGEIT, CRISC, or trained and supervised by these certified professionals. Our strong technical and IT governance background, blended with assurance expertise, makes our team of consultants one of the best in the industry.

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