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Secure Code
Review and Testing

An effective method to identify vulnerabilities in a web application and remediate them is to use a combination of Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) aka Web Application Vulnerability Scanning, Fuzz Testing, and Penetration Testing. 

Our secure code review and testing service offers SAST, DAST and Fuzz testing. If you're looking for secure code review and fuzz testing while your code is in development or running in production, we can help. 



Depending on the objective, most organizations perform a combination of all three services for thoroughness. There are differences in approach and goals for each of these tests, and they all complement one another. For example, we recommend SAST be performed during development and changes to code. Followed by a DAST in pre-prod and again in production (not all prod mirror pre-prod exactly). If vulnerabilities are found in a DAST, a pen test should be performed to validate the weakness and understand the feasibility of a successful exploitation, and then remediation should follow.


Static Application Security Testing


SAST is typically done during development and code changes. It consists of using automated tools and manual techniques to review the application's source code line by line in its still state. The goal is to efficiently identify vulnerabilities and insecure codes in order to remediate them before releasing them to production.


Dynamic Application Security Testing


DAST is typically performed during staging or production and does not need source code. It's an interaction with the front end. It consists of using automated tools and manual techniques to test the application in its running state. The goal is to find security flaws that can only be found while the application is running.




Fuzz testing is a form of DAST that aims to crash or force the application to perform operations it wasn't designed to by using invalid, random, and crafted input. Fuzz testing supplements DAST by detecting vulnerabilities that SAST and DAST did not, particularly buffer overflows and memory leaks.


Our company specializes in cybersecurity. Put your trust in us to conduct security testing.


Ready to partner with us for your DAST, SAST, and Fuzzing needs?


Ready for help?

BitSpartan cybersecurity assessments are all conducted by elite ethical hackers who have undergone the most rigorous training available. All of our ethical hackers and security professionals hold industry-recognized certifications such as CEH Master, LPT, CPENT, OSCP, or GPEN. Our security professionals have a long history in DevOps, supporting large-scale web applications and working with development teams to build secure applications. We bring a breadth of industry experience and understand security at all stages of the SDLC and are excited to present that through our professional code review and assessment services.

Whether you need code review or testing done for development, pre-go-live, compliance, contractual, remediation, or hygienic reasons, we can help.

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