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ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is a globally recognized international standard that establishes requirements for the implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvement of an information security management system (ISMS). ISO 27001 is auditable and has a certification process. Regardless of the industry in which you operate, this standard is universally recognized and serves as proof to your stakeholders that you have comprehensive cybersecurity practices.

BitSpartan Security is an ISO 27001 implementer and offers a range of advisory and cybersecurity services to get organizations ready for an ISO 27001 audit leading to certification. We plan, scope, roadmap, help implement, assess, and get you ready for certification. We are with you until you are ISO 27001 certified. 


Why be ISO 27001

There are many great reasons to adopt ISO 27001 as part of your business process, and there are greater reasons why it is a global standard used across different industries.


Potential clients may require ISO 27001 as part of their vendor risk management program or other security related requirements. 



ISO 27001 is a big deal. Your competitors may not be certified, but you are. Giving you an edge during a difficult decision-making process.



ISO 27001 includes security best practices across all industries. It complements compliance efforts for other standards.



Drives and promotes a security-first culture. ISO 27001 enables organization-wide security collaboration that extends beyond technical teams.



Provide assurance to your key stakeholders and use the ISO 27001 certification as a testament to your commitment to information security.

What We Do


We Build


We Implement


We Support


We get you certified


Our company specializes in cybersecurity. Put your trust in us to handle security compliance.

Our Process


Planning and Scoping

Understand the mission, purpose, and objective of the project, identify key stakeholders and resources, define priorities, establish a timeline, define the scope of the project, and establish expectations.


Operation and Validation

Allow the implementation to perform its intended purpose. Monitor, log, track, collect evidence, document, test the controls, perform another risk and gap assessment of the ISMS against the target state objective, and simulate audit activities.


Risk Assessment and Gap Analysis

Conduct a risk assessment to determine which controls are required, and a gap analysis to determine whether required controls exist. Identify the current state, define the desired state, and develop a roadmap and action plan based on the results of both assessments.



Engage an ISO 27001 auditor to audit the ISMS. There are two audit stages (design review and certification audit) which then conclude with official certification. BitSpartan can be on-site to support the audit.



Implementation of required controls in accordance with the roadmap and action plan established in step 2. This includes taking clauses 4-10 into account, addressing gaps, developing policies and procedures, training employees, and activating the ISMS.



This is primarily step 4 with the addition of continuous improvement to the ISMS. Certification has a validity period of 3 years. Surveillance audits occur in years two and three, and re-certification (step 5) occurs prior to the end of the third year. 


The following is a typical timeline for obtaining ISO 27001 certification. This information is provided to give you a sense of how long it might take on average. Numerous factors can cause it to be shorter or longer. Existing controls, the client's resources, the client's security culture, the complexity of the ISMS, the scope of the system, the budget, the client's goals, objectives, and requirements. Additionally, an organization may require the process to be expedited for a variety of reasons, requiring additional resources on both sides to reduce the time required to achieve certification. These are just a few examples of factors that affect the timeline. 


Small Business

(4-6 months)

Average timeline for organization between 2-60 employees


Medium Business

(6-12 months)

Average timeline for organization between 60-120 employees


Large Business

(12-24 months)

Average timeline for organization between 120+ employees


Nothing in place, something in place, doesn't matter. We can help guide you through it all. It's what we do.

ISO 27001
Compliance Services

We can help you from start to finish, or if you need a hand in specific areas of your implementation journey, we can help there as well. For example, if you're implementing the ISMS on your own but need a professional pen test, vulnerability assessment, policy development, or other professional cybersecurity services, we have you covered. Here are just some of the services we provide to help you achieve your ISO 27001 certification goals.


ISO 27001 general advisory and consulting services


Cyber Risk Assessments, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments


Planning, Scoping, Risk assessment, Gap assessment, Internal audit


3rd party vendor assessment, training and awareness programs


ISMS Implementation, policy development, incident response plan, documentation.


An entire suite of services to help achieve or maintain compliance


Ready for help?

We know what you're looking for and we know how to get you there. That's because, from a business perspective, we understand where you need to be. The majority of BitSpartan consultants transitioned from technical IT roles to management, where they provided governance, risk, and compliance expertise to top organizations in the private and public sector. In the field, all consultants are either CISA, CGEIT, CRISC, or trained and supervised by these certified professionals. Our strong technical and IT governance background, blended with assurance expertise, makes our team of consultants one of the best in the industry.

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