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Risk Assessment

Risk is part of doing business, and managing it well is what keeps organizations in business. However, are you aware of where, how, and what to do about it? Risk can manifest in a variety of ways and can cause a system to experience varying degrees of disruption and harm. As organizations grow in size and complexity, risks increase proportionately. As a result of these factors, it has never been more critical for organizations to conduct and maintain some form of security risk assessment that takes into account both current and potential security threats to their operations.

BitSpartan Security helps organizations manage their security risks by identifying critical assets, threats, vulnerabilities, and risks associated with those assets. We help generate, calculate, and provide organizations with the data they need to make sound decisions around treating their risks. If a cybersecurity risk assessment sounds like something you need, we can help. 


Benefits of Cybersecurity Risk Assessment


Understand value of critical assets


Ensure business continuity and sustain growth.


Identify, and evaluate known and unknown risks


Meet legal and regulatory requirements


Demonstrate due diligence to stakeholders


Prevent data breach and security incidents


Provides data to make informed decisions


Reduce cost for future assessments


Our company specializes in cybersecurity. Put your trust in us to handle security risk assessments.

Our Process

A risk assessment for cybersecurity is a methodical process. It is similar to a traditional risk assessment but focuses more on the information security aspect of your assets. When we conduct a cybersecurity risk assessment, we consider factors such as insider threats, hackers, power outages, fires, floods, malware, vulnerabilities, poor coding practices, and unintentional actions. Organizations desire a cybersecurity assessment because it assists them in identifying threats and vulnerabilities to their assets. It helps in determining its impact, understanding their risks, and making data-driven risk treatment decisions. The following is our cybersecurity risk assessment process.


Planning and Scoping

First, we spend time to understand your business, its objective and goals. Then we scope the assessment.


Vulnerability Assessment

Once threats have been identified, we determine vulnerabilities from those threats. 


Identify Assets

Here we identify your assets, and we determine its value to your organization.


Impact Assessment

Once we've determined the likelihood of exploitation of the vulnerabilities, we determine the impact to your organization should exploitation succeed.


Threat Assessment

Once assets have been identified, and we've determined its value. We identify threats to these assets.


Risk Treatment

Once we've calculated the risks, we provide a report. You use this report to update your risk register to make data-driven decisions on treatment to bring your risks to an acceptable level.


Ready for help?

We know what you're looking for and we know how to get you there. That's because, from a business perspective, we understand where you need to be. The majority of BitSpartan consultants transitioned from technical IT roles to management, where they provided governance, risk, and compliance expertise to top organizations in the private and public sector. In the field, all consultants are either CISA, CGEIT, CRISC, or trained and supervised by these certified professionals. Our strong technical and IT governance background, blended with assurance expertise, makes our team of consultants one of the best in the industry.

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